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    • Confidence through consensus : a neural mechanism for uncertainty monitoring 

      Paz, Luciano; Insabato, Andrea; Zylberberg, Ariel; Deco, Gustavo; Sigman, Mariano (2016-02-24)
      Models that integrate sensory evidence to a threshold can explain task accuracy, response times and confidence, yet it is still unclear how confidence is encoded in the brain. Classic models assume that confidence is ...
    • Serial, parallel and hierarchical decision making in primates 

      Zylberberg, Ariel; Lorteije, Jeannette AM; Ouellette, Brian G; Zeeuw, Chris I De; Sigman, Mariano; Roelfsema, Pieter (2017-06-26)
      he study of decision-making has mainly focused on isolated decisions where choices are associated with motor actions. However, problem-solving often involves considering a hierarchy of sub-decisions. In a recent study ...
    • The brain’s router : a cortical network model of serial processing in the primate brain 

      Zylberberg, Ariel (2010-04-29)
      The human brain efficiently solves certain operations such as object recognition and categorization through a massively parallel network of dedicated processors. However, human cognition also relies on the ability to perform ...