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  • Democracia y ciclos políticos 

    Peruzzotti, Enrique (Estudios Sociales. Revista Universitaria SemestralUniversidad Nacional del Litoral, 2023)
    El sistema político inaugurado en 1983 ha cumplido cuatro décadas de continuidad institucional ininterrumpida, poniendo fin a una larga y conflictiva historia de inestabilidad institucional. Estos cuarenta años contienen ...
  • Mudding the playing field. Fiscal contributions to municipalities as a political construction 

    Clerici, Paula; Demeco, Lucía; Galeano, Franco; Negri, Juan (Governance: An international Journal of Policy, Administration, and InstitutionsWiley, 2023)
    In federal presidential democracies, discretionary transfers are often mentioned as a tool used by the national executive to build and strengthen subnational support, typically governors. Funds to local mayors, however, ...
  • Valid inequalities and complete characterizations of the 2-domination and P3-hull number polytope 

    Marenco, Javier; Blaum, Manuela (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2023)
    Given a graph G = (V;E), a subset S V is 2-dominating if every vertex in S has at least two neighbors in S. The minimum cardinality of such a set is called the 2-domination number of G. Consider a process in discrete ...
  • A branch-and-cut algorithm for the routing and spectrum allocation problem 

    Marenco, Javier; Bianchetti, Marcelo (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2023)
    One of the most promising solutions to deal with huge data traffic demands in large communication networks is given by flexible optical networking, in particular the flexible grid (flexgrid) technology specified in the ...
  • An integer programming approach for the hyper-rectangular clustering problem with axis-parallel clusters and outliers 

    Marenco, Javier (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2023)
    We present a mixed integer programming formulation for the problem of clustering a set of points in Rd with axis-parallel clusters, while allowing to discard a pre-specified number of points, thus declared to be outliers. ...
  • A Value-Based Well-Being Framework 

    Pels, Jaqueline; Mele, Cristina; Russo-Spena, Tiziana; Tregua, Marco (Journal of MacromarketingSAGE, 2023)
    This article presents and illustrates a novel value-based well-being framework, derived from service-dominant logic notions of the link between value and well-being. Based in a wide range of disciplines, this framework ...
  • The wisdom of extremized crowds: Promoting erroneous divergent opinions increases collective accuracy 

    Navajas, Joaquin; Barrera Lermarchand, Federico; Balenzuela, Pablo; Bahrami,Bahador; Deroy, Ophelia (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2023)
    The aggregation of many lay judgements can generate surprisingly accurate estimates. This effect, known as the “wisdom of the crowd”, has been demonstrated in domains such as medical decision-making, factchecking news, ...

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