Esta colección contiene los artículos en Acceso Abierto publicados por los investigadores del Laboratorio de Neurociencia en publicaciones externas a la UTDT, así como también versiones preliminares de artículos por publicarse

Recent Submissions

  • DUDF: Differentiable Unsigned Distance Fields with Hyperbolic Scaling 

    Fainstein, Miguel; Siless, Viviana; Iarussi, Emmanuel (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2024)
    In recent years, there has been a growing interest in training Neural Networks to approximate Unsigned Distance Fields (UDFs) for representing open surfaces in the context of 3D reconstruction. However, UDFs are ...
  • A synthesis of evidence for policy from behavioural science during COVID-19 

    Navajas, Joaquín; Ruggeri, Kai; Haslam, S. Alexander; Capraro, Valerio; Boggio, Paulo; Ellemers, Naomi; Cichocka, Aleksandra; Douglas, Karen M.; Rand, David G.; van der Linden, Sander; Cikara, Mina; Finkel, Eli J.; Druckman, James N.; Wohl, Michael J. A.; Petty, Richard E.; Tucker, Joshua A.; Shariff, Azim; Gelfand, Michele; Packer, Dominic; Jetten, Jolanda; Van Lange, Paul A. M.; Pennycook, Gordon; Peters, Ellen; Baicker, Katherine; Crum, Alia; Weeden, Kim A.; Napper, Lucy; Tabri, Nassim; Zaki, Jamil; Skitka, Linda; Kitayama, Shinobu; Mobbs, Dean; Sunstein, Cass R.; Ashcroft-Jones, Sarah; Todsen, Anna Louise; Hajian, Ali; Verra, Sanne; Buehler, Vanessa; Friedemann, Maja; Hecht, Marlene; Mobarak, Rayyan S.; Karakasheva, Ralitsa; Tünte, Markus R.; Yeung, Siu; Kit Rosenbaum, R. Shayna; Lep, Žan; Yamada, Yuki; Hudson, Sa-kiera Tiarra Jolynn; Macchia, Lucía; Soboleva, Irina; Dimant, Eugen; Geiger, Sandra J.; Jarke, Hannes; Wingen, Tobias; Berkessel, Jana B.; Mareva, Silvana; McGill, Lucy; Papa, Francesca; Većkalov, Bojana; Afif, Zeina; Buabang, Eike K.; Landman, Marna; Tavera, Felice; Andrews, Jack L.; Bursalıoğlu, Aslı Zupan,; Zorana Wagner, Lisa; Vranka, Marek; Kasdan, David; Chen, Patricia; Hudson, Kathleen R.; Novak, Lindsay M.; Teas, Paul; Rachev, Nikolay R.; Galizzi, Matteo M. (Nature ISSN 1476-4687 (online), 2023)
    Scientific evidence regularly guides policy decisions1, with behavioural science increasingly part of this process2. In April 2020, an influential paper3 proposed 19 policy recommendations (‘claims’) detailing how evidence ...
  • The wisdom of extremized crowds: Promoting erroneous divergent opinions increases collective accuracy 

    Navajas, Joaquin; Barrera Lermarchand, Federico; Balenzuela, Pablo; Bahrami,Bahador; Deroy, Ophelia (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2023)
    The aggregation of many lay judgements can generate surprisingly accurate estimates. This effect, known as the “wisdom of the crowd”, has been demonstrated in domains such as medical decision-making, factchecking news, ...
  • Learning normal asymmetry representations for homologous brain structures 

    Bendersky, Mariana; Iarussi, Emmanuel; Deangeli, Duilio; Princich, Juan Pablo; Larrabide, Ignacio; Orlando, José Ignacio (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2023)
    Although normal homologous brain structures are approximately symmetrical by definition, they also have shape differences due to e.g. natural ageing. On the other hand, neurodegenerative conditions induce their own changes ...
  • VesselVAE: Recursive Variational Autoencoders for 3D Blood Vessel Synthesis 

    Feldman, Paula; Fainstein, Miguel; Siless, Viviana; Iarussi, Emmanuel; Delrieux, Claudio (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2023)
    We present a data-driven generative framework for synthesizing blood vessel 3D geometry. This is a challenging task due to the complexity of vascular systems, which are highly variating in shape, size, and structure. ...
  • Partisanship predicts COVID-19 vaccine brand preference: the case of Argentina 

    Fumagalli, Elena; Krick, Candelaria Belén; Dolmatzian, Marina Belén; del Negro, Julieta Edith; Navajas, Joaquin (Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (Humanit Soc Sci Commun) ISSN 2662-9992 (online), 2023)
    The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the significance of overcoming vaccine adoption resistance and addressing real and perceived barriers for efficient vaccination campaigns. One major problem faced by health systems around ...
  • Interactive Crowdsourcing to Fact-check Politicians 

    Espina Mairal, Santos; Bustos, Florencia; Solovey, Guillermo; Navajas, Joaquin (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 2023)
    The discourse of political leaders often contains false information that can misguide the public. Fact-checking agencies around the world try to reduce the negative influence of politicians by verifying their words. However, ...

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