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    • Neural processing of emotional facial and semantic xxpressions in euthymic bipolar disorder (BD) and its association with theory of mind (ToM) 

      Ibañez, Agustín; Urquina, Diego; Petroni, Agustín; Baez, Sandra; Lopez, Vladimir; Nascimento, Micaela do; Herrera, Eduar; Guex, Raphael; Hurtado, Esteban; Blenkmann, Esteban; Beltrachini, Leandro; Gelormini, Carlos; Sigman, Mariano; Lischinsky, Alicia; Torralva, Teresa; Torrente, Fernando; Cetkovich, Marcelo; Manes, Facundo (2012-10-08)
      Background: Adults with bipolar disorder (BD) have cognitive impairments that affect face processing and social cognition. However, it remains unknown whether these deficits in euthymic BD have impaired brain markers of ...
    • Preliminary evidence about the effects of meditation on interoceptive sensitivity and social cognition 

      Melloni, Margherita; Sedeño, Lucas; Couto, Blas; Reynoso, Martín; Gelormini, Carlos; Favaloro, Roberto; Canales-Johnson, Andrés; Sigman, Mariano; Manes, Facundo; Ibáñez, Agustín (2013-12-23)
      Background: Interoception refers to the conscious perception of body signals. Mindfulness is a meditation practice that encourages individuals to focus on their internal experiences such as bodily sensations, thoughts, ...