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  • Evaluación del lenguaje oral en niños y niñas con hipoacusia: Los tests estandarizados y la edad auditiva 

    Gattei, Carolina A.; Shalom, Diego E.; Taboh, Analí R.; Bosco, Valeria B.; Denham, Percival J. (Revista Signos. Estudios de Lingüística ISSN 0718-0934, 2022)
    Muchos niños y niñas con hipoacusia que usan lenguaje oral (NHA) tienen un desarrollo lingüístico inferior al de los niños con desarrollo típico. Para estimular su desarrollo es crucial evaluar sus habilidades lingüísticas. ...
  • The Effect of a Crisis on Trust and Willingness to Reform 

    Bonvecchi, Alejandro; Calvo, Ernesto; Otálvaro-Ramírez, Susana; Scartascini, Carlos (Inter-American Development Bank, 2022)
    Does exposure to crises reduce the citizens’ trust in a country’s president? Are individuals willing to accept fiscal reforms and make personal economic sacrifices if it would help the country to leave the crisis faster? ...
  • Assessing the Impact of Contextual Information in Hate Speech Detection 

    Gravano, Agustín; Pérez, Juan Manuel; Luque, Franco M; Zeyat, Demián; Kondratzky, Martín; Moro, Agustín; Serrati, Pablo Santiago; Zajac, Joaquín; Miguel, Paula; Debandi, Natalia; Cotik, Viviana (2023)
    Social networks and other digital media deal with huge amounts of user-generated contents where hate speech has become a problematic more and more relevant. A great effort has been made to develop automatic tools for its ...
  • Optimal strategies in a production-inventory control model 

    Azcue, Pablo; Muler, Nora; Frostig, Esther (2020)
    We consider a production-inventory control model with finite capacity and two different production rates, assuming that the cumulative process of customer demand is given by a compound Poisson process. It is possible at ...
  • Cuesta abajo. El fracaso escolar generalizado en la Argentina 

    Narodowski, Mariano (Propuesta Educativa, 2022)
    El objetivo de este artículo es comprender, a partir de la evidencia disponible y del debate conceptual en la literatura académica, las causas estructurales del fracaso escolar masivo en la Argentina y sus posibles resoluciones ...
  • Partisanship Predicts COVID-19 Vaccine Brand Preference: The Insightful Case of Argentina 

    Fumagalli, Elena; Navajas, Joaquín; Krick, Candelaria B.; Dolmatzian, Marina B.; Del Negro, Julieta (2022)
    The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of not only diminishing the resistance to vaccine adoption in general, but also to reduce both real and perceived barriers to a swift vaccination campaign. One major problem ...
  • Attraction by ingroup coherence drives the emergence of ideological sorting 

    Navajas, Joaquín; Zimmerman, Federico; Pedraza, Lucía; Balenzuela, Pablo (2023)
    The increasing political polarization is driving hatred and segregation, and these pose a threat to democracy. While disagreement on policy issues is increasing and receiving great attention, people are also becoming more ...

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