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  • Bayesian validation of grammar productions for the language of thought 

    Romano, Sergio; Salles, Alejo; Amalric, Marie; Deahene, Stanislas; Sigman, Mariano; Figueira, Santiago (2018-07-10)
    Probabilistic proposals of Language of Thoughts (LoTs) can explain learning across differ- ent domains as statistical inference over a compositionally structured hypothesis space. While frameworks may differ on how a LoT ...
  • Repositorio digital UTDT : una colección abierta 

    Rus-Mata, Silvia; Plaza, M . Alejandra (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. Biblioteca, 2018-11-02)
    En febrero de 2018 se presentó el Repositorio Digital de la Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. Hasta ese momento la Universidad no contaba con una plataforma que diera los servicios propios de un Repositorio tales como ...
  • Bridging psychology and mathematics : can the brain understand the brain? 

    Sigman, Mariano (2004-09-14)
    We are told scientists are divided into experimentalists and theoreticians. The dialectic description of the dynamics of science, with one tribe gathering data and collecting evidence and another tribe providing form to ...
  • Parsing a cognitive task : a characterization of the mind’s bottleneck 

    Sigman, Mariano; Dehaene, Stanislas (2005-02-08)
    Parsing a mental operation into components, characterizing the parallel or serial nature of this flow, and understanding what each process ultimately contributes to response time are fundamental questions in cognitive ...
  • Dynamics of the central bottleneck : dual-task and task uncertainty 

    Sigman, Mariano; Dehaene, Stanislas (2006-06-27)
    Why is the human brain fundamentally limited when attempting to execute two tasks at the same time or in close succession? Two classical paradigms, psychological refractory period (PRP) and task switching, have independently ...
  • Delays without mistakes : response time and error distributions in dual-task 

    Kamienkowski, Juan Esteban; Sigman, Mariano (2008-09-12)
    Background: When two tasks are presented within a short interval, a delay in the execution of the second task has been systematically observed. Psychological theorizing has argued that while sensory and motor operations ...
  • The Spatial and Temporal Construction of Confidence in the Visual Scene 

    Graziano, Martín; Sigman, Mariano (2009-03-17)
    Human subjects can report many items of a cluttered field a few hundred milliseconds after stimulus presentation. This memory decays rapidly and after a second only 3 or 4 items can be stored in working memory. Here we ...

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