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  • Partisanship predicts COVID-19 vaccine brand preference: the case of Argentina 

    Fumagalli, Elena; Krick, Candelaria Belén; Dolmatzian, Marina Belén; del Negro, Julieta Edith; Navajas, Joaquin (Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (Humanit Soc Sci Commun) ISSN 2662-9992 (online), 2023)
    The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the significance of overcoming vaccine adoption resistance and addressing real and perceived barriers for efficient vaccination campaigns. One major problem faced by health systems around ...
  • Interactive Crowdsourcing to Fact-check Politicians 

    Espina Mairal, Santos; Bustos, Florencia; Solovey, Guillermo; Navajas, Joaquin (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 2023)
    The discourse of political leaders often contains false information that can misguide the public. Fact-checking agencies around the world try to reduce the negative influence of politicians by verifying their words. However, ...
  • External Shocks versus Domestic Policies in Emerging Markets 

    Espino, Emilio; Kozlowski, Julian; Martin, Fernando M.; Sánchez, Juan M. (Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis, 2023)
    Debt crises in emerging markets have been linked to large fiscal deficits, high inflation rates, and large devaluations. This article studies a sovereign default model with domestic fiscal and monetary policies to understand ...
  • Variable elimination, graph reduction and the efficient g-formula 

    F Richard Guo; Emilija Perković; Andrea Rotnitzky (BiometrikaOxford University Press, 2023)
    We study efficient estimation of an interventional mean associated with a point exposure treatment under a causal graphical model represented by a directed acyclic graph without hidden variables. Under such a model, a ...
  • Green for the Right reasons? How government ideology shapes preferences over climate change negotiations in the Global South 

    Yamin, Patricio (Universidad Torcuato Di TellaAmerican Political Science Association, 2023)
    Research on the drivers of foreign policy regarding climate change negotiations has extensively delved into the effects of risks and mitigation costs, as well as the relevance of interest groups such as civil society ...
  • Are There Any Conventional Obligations? 

    Monti, Ezequiel (Cambridge University Press, 2023)
    There are reasons to believe that conventional obligations are impossible. Thus, it could be argued that for me to have an obligation to Φ in virtue of the fact that a convention so requires, it must be the case that I ...
  • Density kernel depth for outlier detection in functional data 

    Martos Venturini, Gabriel; Hernández, Nicolás; Muñoz, Alberto (Springer NatureInternational Journal of Data Science and Analytics, 2023)
    In this paper, we propose a novel approach to address the problem of functional outlier detection. Our method leverages a low-dimensional and stable representation of functions using Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces ...

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